The Best Fake Nails I’ve Found

(Disclosure – I received a gift basket of products to giveaway in exchange for my review. However, the views in this post are mine.)

Do you remember those days when you used to get a manicure 3 times a month?

I do.

The last time I got a manicure was in January when I went to Denver to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday. The time before that – May 2015 for my best friend’s wedding in Mexico. That’s messed up, you guys.

We preach around here that it’s important to spoil yourself and take time for just you. Not going to work, not going grocery shopping alone…something for YOU. I am cheap. So while I like doing things for myself, I decided to ditch manicures and find a way to do it myself.

I tried stickers and fake nails (because I absolutely cannot paint my own nails. Like, no chance) and finally settled on these babies.

They are crazy easy and they last almost as long as a real no-chip manicure. I have had a set last almost 2 weeks. It says on the box not to wear them more than 7 days, but I’m a rebel.

My favorite parts about these nails:
*Easy to put on
*Easy to cut shorter (I don’t like my nails super long)
*Come in so many different colors, shapes and lengths
*One box could actually give you 2 sets of nails
*An accent nail
*Came in matte! I love matte nails!

I’ll take you step by step (it may seem lengthy, but it’s not. I just like to be thorough). There’s also a link to a video at the end if you are a visual/video learner.

I bought these at Target, but I have also seen them at Wal-Mart, Jewel, Amazon, etc. You can get them lots of places. You also can order them on their website for $0.99 shipping.

These are style #62303 – a matte navy blue with a gold glitter accent nail. If you look on the bottom you can see what the style is called. These are also the short version and oval tips. They have long and they sell square and oval shapes.

These are Bells & Whistles. Which is something I always say I don’t need – ha.

When you open the box you will see that it contains: the nails, an alcohol prep pad and a nail file.

I like to push my cuticles back before doing these too.

First step is to find the nails that fit correctly. This is probably the most time consuming part. There are so many different sizes of nails and that is what I love about them. Match up the nails with the size you want for each finger. Remember that the tab goes at your cuticle, not the tip! This is a huge deal – they will not stick properly if you don’t follow this rule.

Next step – use the alcohol prep pad and wipe down your nails. The first time I did these I did not do this and they all fell off. So you have to do this. Trust me – if there were steps to skip, I would tell you, because I am lazy. Don’t skip this one!

Time to apply!

Remove the tab on the back of the nail and push it against the cuticle, then onto the nail. Press down on the nail at the top and sides for 20 seconds.

Repeat on other nails.

File or cut to desired size. I find it easier to cut then file. It says wait a day before getting them wet and that is another rule I would follow.

I wash dishes, change diapers, give baths, wipe butts, work out, shower, etc with these nails on. They are tough!

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15 thoughts on “The Best Fake Nails I’ve Found

  1. Those look so awesome! Hard to find time as a mom & we all need to pamper ourselves because we deserve it! I tend to do French tip, teal, blue/greens on my nails. Sometimes purple, the Chevron & glitters look cool!

  2. Oh how I miss getting my nails done!! Now they’re always so short from washing bottles!! How are they with doing dishes? I used to always get a bright magenta or fuchsia on my nails but I’ll do red or black or anything really if it’s free 😂😂

  3. Thx for the awesome info! My nails have been opposite of healthy and strong with this pregnancy so these sound ideal 🙂 Loving the many color options too as I enjoy all colors of polish!

  4. How do they come off? My nails are WRECKED from a gel mani and is finally growing out but the tips are peeling like crazy…

  5. Very cool, I’ve never tried these. I also don’t paint my nails because they would always chop after a couple days so interested in trying these now! My favorite is French tip.

  6. I definitely need to give these a try! I’m the messiest nail painter ever! I usually end up picking out some sort of pink, but I’m loving that navy blue!

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